Rubik’s Cube mini statue by Kolodko

Rubik’s Cube mini statue by Kolodko


Kolodko Rubiks Cube
Kolodko Rubiks Cube


Kolodko’s brand new mini-sculpture pays tribute to Ernő Rubik’s ingenious invention, the magic cube
The Rubik’s Cube was not placed on the banks of the Danube by chance.

A new Kolodko guerrilla sculpture has appeared in Budapest: it depicts Ernő Rubik’s genius invention, the Rubik’s Cube, now known as the Rubik’s Cube. The artist posted a picture on Facebook weeks ago, with a slightly blurred background and the cryptic caption „soon”, leaving his followers guessing where it would be.

Now a new Facebook post has revealed that the tiny work is on the banks of the Danube, on the Buda side.

Why did sculptor Mihály Kolodko place the Rubik’s Cube here?

I looked at the new mini-sculpture, thought about it and wrote down what I came up with.

Ernő Rubik was born on 13 July 1944 and turns 75 this year. I think this is one of the reasons why the mini statue was erected in Budapest this year. Rubik graduated as an architect from the Budapest University of Technology in 1967 and studied sculpture and interior design at the Academy of Applied Arts until 1971. He worked as an architect-designer until 1975, when he returned to teach at the College of Applied Arts.

As he later said in an interview,when he was teaching at the college, he was thinking about how he could make 3D movement tangible to his students. The idea for the rotation mechanism of the cube came from observing the pebbles in the Danube

This is not the first public artwork in Budapest in honour of Ernő Rubik and the Rubik’s Cube: in 2014, Neopaint painted a huge, colourful cube on a firewall in Rumbach Sebestyén Street in the 7th district.

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